Sara Dallmann
Julia Fahl
Isabella Gossen
Landry Graven
Alayna Gruhot
Madilyn Panka
Ahnya Schlenner
Anna Thor
COACHES: Kendra Webb
  Jordyn Hilgemann
  Erica Jones
  Deb Westby (practices)
  Heidi Deragisch (practices)


 03/21/2021  Augustana (Sioux Falls, SD)  Mask Policy | Gym Layout
 03/23/2021  RTR scrimmage (Russell, MN)  
 03/28/2021 Pentagon (Sioux Falls, SD) Tourney Info
 04/17/2021 Dakota State (Madision, SD) Tourney Info | Waiver
 04/24/2021 Matchbox (Aberdeen, SD) Tourney Info
 05/01/2021 Huron (Huron, SD) Tourney Info

12 Black Practice

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