Online Officiating 2020-2021 Season – more information HERE

The Region was notified that online courses and the modules in the courses are expected to be available.

Some perspective on this:

  1. USA Volleyball has upgraded USA Volleyball Academy with a new Learning Management System (LMS).  It is easier to navigate and expected to handle the workload.
  2. USA Volleyball, like many businesses, is running on limited staff and support due to Covid 19.
  3. Many learning modules have been updated.  The updates specifically address previous concerns of material being relevant to an age group as well as making modules more learner friendly.
  4. The Region updated our website homepage and shared on social media once alerted about the course availability
  5. Recommendation is to allow your participants minimum of two weeks to complete online officiating once it is available.


Online Officiating 2019-2020 Season – more information HERE

Junior members, coaches & club directors who completed online officiating training for the 2019-2020 season received officiating certification valid through 9/01/2021.  To check if you or someone else has completed the 2019-2020 online officiating modules:

  • Go to the NCR website
  • Hover over Education
  • Select Officiating Training
  • Within the “Junior & Coach Officiating Training” box select Certification
  • Select the first letter of your last name and search for your name on the list (Most reliable means to validate officiating credentials for junior age participants and junior level coaches)



Each junior player needs to complete officiating training.  2020 includes important updates:  

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR JUNIOR PLAYERS:  As USAV released an updated rule book this year, ALL junior players need to register for and complete officiating training either online or at an in-person clinic.  Upon completion, R2 badge certification will be good for two years (through the 2020-2021 season).


IMPORTANT INFORMATION IF YOU NEED HELP: Please utilize the Help Desk within the USAV Academy for any issues while taking the courses. Please select “Report an Issue”, then select “Officiating Training” for the department and indicate “North Country” as your region and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.



Players must complete the following...

Certificate Name Event ID Certificate Code Course Name Course Code
Training - Junior Player Officiating Training: required for all juniors to complete no mattter what their age prior to their first event  13222  NO20_101  NO19 North Country Region Officiating Overview  NO20_99
 Junior Second Referee (w/ quiz)  US20_102q
 Junior Signals (w/ quiz)  US20_103q
 Scoring Basics Non-deciding Set (w/ quiz)  US20_106q
 Scoring - Deciding Set (w/ quiz)  US20_107q


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