2021-2022 Online training 

All training must be completed by each player prior to competing in any tournament.  Please allow yourself enough time to complete all the required training in time for the first competition.


  • Step-by-step instructions on how to locate and complete the online officiating training can be found on the Education - Officiating Training page of the NCR website.   





Each junior player needs to complete officiating training.  2020 includes important updates:  

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR JUNIOR PLAYERS:  As USAV released an updated rule book this year, ALL junior players need to register for and complete officiating training either online or at an in-person clinic.  Upon completion, R2 badge certification will be good for two years (through the 2020-2021 season).


IMPORTANT INFORMATION IF YOU NEED HELP: Please utilize the Help Desk within the USAV Academy for any issues while taking the courses. Please select “Report an Issue”, then select “Officiating Training” for the department and indicate “North Country” as your region and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.



Players must complete the following...

Certificate Name Event ID Certificate Code Course Name Course Code
Training - Junior Player Officiating Training: required for all juniors to complete no mattter what their age prior to their first event  13222  NO20_101  NO19 North Country Region Officiating Overview  NO20_99
 Junior Second Referee (w/ quiz)  US20_102q
 Junior Signals (w/ quiz)  US20_103q
 Scoring Basics Non-deciding Set (w/ quiz)  US20_106q
 Scoring - Deciding Set (w/ quiz)  US20_107q


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